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2.8L Bubble Pet Waterer Feeder Snail Shaped Automatic Water Drinking Dispenser Large Capacity Water Bowl Fountain for Dog Cat

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  • Description

    Auto per water dispenser, it is made of environmental material, and has a larger capacity(2.8L);
    The container is transparent so you can see what the water level is;
    There are three colors, gray, blue and pink;
    Revolve the top half to open and close the container
    Source of power:Siphon principle
    Color: Gray, Pink, Blue
    Material: Plastic
    Capacity: 2.8L
    Packing list
    1 x Pet water dispenser or 3 x Filters for Pet Bubble Water Fountain

    Note: Do not use water above 80°C (176°F) to clean the paopao kettle


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