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Dog Claw Mini Gps Tracker for Dogs Cat Children Elderly Anti-Lost Device Locator Tracer Pets Collar Key Tracking

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  • Description

    This anti-lost device is a product based on the new Bluetooth-compatible 4.0 low-power technology. Through the APP software, it is connected with mobile devices such as mobile phones and other mobile devices through Bluetooth, so as to store the items that users easily lose and valuables (such as keys, portableBags, etc.) are bundled together to realize the functions of missing items and finding mobile phones, and can also realize remote control photography, recording and other functions (for example: party photos, selfies, etc.).

    1. Download the application for free on the official website. See the packing box for the address
    2. Automatic alarm when it exceeds the valid range.
    3. Control the phone’s self-portrait function.
    4. Bluetooth-compatible 4.0, ultra-thin design, easy to carry.
    5. Ring and vibration reminder alarm, a variety of ringtones can be adjusted
    6. Compatible with IOS 和安卓
    7. Replaceable button cell.
    8. Low power bluetooth technology, long battery life up to 3-6 months
    9. Positioning function. It is convenient for you to check the position of the object on the mobile phone.
    10. One mobile phone can support 4-6 anti-lost devices at the same time

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