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Smart Cat Odor Purifier For Cats Litter Box Deodorizer Dogs Toilet Rechargeable Air Cleaner Pets Sterilization Deodorization

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    • Efficiently decomposes odor substances: Equipped with a dual-effect purification module, the intelligent companion releases a moderate amount of ozone and millions of negative ions, which effectively decomposes odor substances produced by cat feces within 5-7 minutes and generates non-toxic and odorless substances.

    • No need for filter consumables: This purifier does not require additional expenses for purchasing filter cartridges or other consumables, eliminating the need for filter replacement.

    • High sensitivity recognition of cat movements: With a highly sensitive biological sensing system, the purifier can recognize the movements of cats from all angles and activate a silent mode during the cat’s toilet time. After the cat leaves, it will start the deodorization and efficient sterilization process.

    • Long battery life without the need for charging: The built-in 1860mAh large-capacity lithium battery provides up to four days of continuous operation. When cleaning the cat litter box once a week, the battery can be removed and recharged as needed.

    • Fragrance-free odor removal is more effective than odor beads: Unlike other air purifiers that use plant-based deodorizers that cats find difficult to accept and which may cause chronic damage to their liver, this purifier provides odor removal without fragrances.

    • Positioning to absorb cat litter dust: To prevent cats from inhaling excessive dust from cat litter, which can lead to respiratory diseases, the intelligent companion accurately locates the air outlet and releases negative ions to absorb and remove the dust.


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